Principles for effective mediadev (Jan. '22)

Consultation on the development of principles for effective media development on 27 January 2022.


  • Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA)

  • Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)

For more information on this inititative please read the draft concept note.

Background: CIMA and GFMD are in the process of encouraging and supporting donors and funders to update and codify guiding principles for international support to media development. CIMA and GFMD have outlined the rationale and timeline for this initiative in a draft Concept Note that includes input and feedback from interested international donors, key implementing agencies, and the media support organisations that participated in our Dec 7th event on this subject that provided recommendations to the Summit for Democracy at the end of last year.

Ahead of consultations with donors and international agencies on renewing the principles for effective media support at the 3rd Global Conference for Media Freedom in Tallinn, Estonia, this invite-only consultation heard from 18 representatives from:

  • National and regional media development organisations

  • GFMD IMPACT regional coordinators

  • GFMD's policy and learning committee

The session looked for answers to the following key questions:

  • What are the characteristics of healthy donor strategies to support the independent media sector? What are priority areas of improvement?

  • How can donors, implementers, government allies, and civil society organizations work more effectively together for the good of the media sector?

  • How can international actors better help to address the root problems to the financial and political crisis confronting independent media?

The experiences and input from this session will be instrumental in guiding the conversation for the development of these principles.

More information on GFMD's work on renewing the Principles for Effective Media Development is available here.

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