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Public Media Alliance

"We’ll be asking the biggest questions facing the industry: What are the threats facing trusted, independent media? How can public media remain relevant and best demonstrate their value in the digital age? How do we keep journalists safe? Every month, we’ll be tackling these issues, and speaking to prominent commentators and practitioners about what answers and solutions are out there."

Press Gazette

The first edition of Press Gazette’s weekly Future of Media Explained Podcast is entitled Winning at B2B and features an interview with industry stalwart Mark Allen.

Featuring editor in chief Dominic Ponsford and UK editor Charlotte Tobitt, this edition explains:

  • What is B2B media

  • Why is it such a huge part of the media landscape

  • How to create a sustainable B2B media business for the long term.

Brave New Media is a new podcast featuring journalists and editors from around the world working to remain independent while working in fragile spaces. It explores the challenges faced by the media environment and what needs to happen so that it can become a tool that contributes to the public good. In each episode, a founder of a media outlet will share their experiences and the hardships that they have encountered. The themes range from disinformation to funding and audience engagement. Experts are also included in order to determine what needs to happen to ensure that we construct a healthier media ecosystem. The first three episodes feature pioneers in public interest media from Lebanon, Ukraine, and Paraguay.

The first episode features Daraj, an Arabic-language start-up based in Beirut, one of the most censored media landscapes in the world.

The first episode, 'Steps to Independence with Daraj' is available here.

The second episode, 'On the Frontline in Ukraine' is available here.

The third episode, "Taking on the Algorithms" is available here.

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Central European University



It’s been 30 years since the Windhoek Declaration for the Development of a Free, Independent and Pluralistic Press was born on May 3, 1991 in Namibia, to support independent media in Africa. The declaration was not only a proud moment for African journalism but inspired the United Nations to launch World Press Freedom Day two years later.

Though some countries across the African continent have made press freedom gains since then, many continue to struggle with journalist safety, independence and financial pressures. In this episode, we look at the press freedom challenges facing African media and what steps are being taken towards improvement.

Featured in this episode:

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