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Lessons learned during the pandemic for reporting on the climate crisis | International Journalists' Network
International Journalists' Network
The pandemic has brought many truths about journalism home. It refocused newsrooms’ attention on readers' needs, forced them to use science and data in their stories, and also report on what is going right to lift morale. It worked. The majority of news organizations saw a spike in traffic, subscriptions and public interest in the news during the spring and summer of 2020.



Why middle class problem in UK journalism matters, and what can be done
Press Gazette
"Social class was the only area surveyed in the report where journalism was found to have been getting less diverse over time. But why has journalism become so middle class?"


Yet again, newsrooms aren’t showing up to the industry’s largest diversity survey
Nieman Lab
"Meredith Clark, who has led the News Leaders Association’s diversity survey in recent years, has resigned from the project. “You don’t get to transparency about diversity by relying on people’s goodwill.”


Why are women under-represented in news stories – and newsrooms – in Asia and the Pacific?
"As the world tackles inequality and gender discrimination across many sectors, the news industry in Asia and the Pacific is falling behind with inclusivity – be it in quotes for stories, interviews, or even editorial decisions." - JACOB GRANGER

Decolonising journalism: what does it mean, why does it matter and where do you start?
“The New Humanitarian is rethinking coverage of conflict and crises to be more inclusive and empowering for the communities at the centre of the story.”