Sustainability & viability

Podcast episodes about the sustainability & viability of journalism and media businesses.


This study "sheds light on a number of topics that revolve around podcasts: founders of podcast initiatives, the type of journalism presented, the audience of Arab podcasts, business models (funding) adopted in the initiatives, issues covered, success stories, challenges they face, and recognition of the extent of interest in podcasts, in media faculties in the Arab world as a new form of digital media."

The study is available in English here and in Arabic here.

Meta Journalism Project, Splice Media

"School of Splice gives you knowledge as a learning program, network because it's community-led, and funding with grants to help you prototype." It's targeted towards "early-stage media startup founder, a media professional, or an early-stage newsroom" seeking to understand and create a monetisation strategy. The lessons include how to think about building a viable media business, how to build an audience, and how to manage workflow and operations. - JACOB GRANGER

The media accelerator Velocidad launched in 2019 to help news startups grow and thrive. We look at its impact in a region where press freedom is under constant threat.

World Association of News Publishers

Media Voices

Mohamed Nanabhay, Deputy CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund talks about how the MDIF decides which businesses to invest in, and why he thinks the pandemic has provided an opportunity for independent media to thrive.

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