Workshop on Encryption and Media Freedom (June '23)

A RightsCon Workshop for knowledge exchange to approximate the use of encryption for journalists and media workers.

Date: 7 June 2023

Time: 16.15-17.15 UTC / 18:15-19:15 CEST / 10.15-11.15 CST

Format: virtual meeting

Digital surveillance is becoming a greater threat to press freedom, especially when governments and private actors use spyware to target journalists and other content creators who report on matters of public interest. Journalists and their sources are increasingly vulnerable to persecution and harassment as a result of these new technologies, raising the risk of self-censorship. In combination with other digital security tools, end-to-end encryption is a powerful tool for preventing such surveillance of journalistic investigations and sources.

This interactive session will build on previous efforts to approximate the use of encryption for journalists and media workers, encouraging participants to share knowledge, resources, and tools available. Finally, the session will also address government efforts to undermine encryption such as India’s Telecommunication Bill, the Child Sexual Abuse legislation in EU, or the Turkish Disinformation Law, and discuss further what journalists can do not only to protect themselves but to advocate for their right to secure communications when reporting on current legislation that affects their privacy.


Call to Action

Joint advocacy

  • Analyse proposals, provide recommendations, apply pressure when needed

  • Global Encryption Coalition

  • Check campaings in your region

Report on this topic

  1. Don’t take government claims at face value

  2. Seek technical sources

Tell your story on social media, why do you think encryption is important, using the #CelebrateEncryption hashtag.

You can read the workshop report and takeaways here.

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