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The help desk and GFMD IMPACT meetings are supported by our resource centre which collates literature reviews ahead of events, detailed reports from meetings, as well as research and policy papers authored or commissioned by GFMD IMPACT.

Resources by type of literature

Resources are organised by type of literature featuring: guides, declarations, policy briefs, working papers and primers, academic research, research and reports, articles, podcasts, case studies and evaluation and impact reports.

Guides for media development donors & funders of journalism support

Policy briefs and working papers on effective media development and donor support to journalism.

Academic research on the effectiveness of media development funding and support to journalism from donors and foundations.

Research and reports on effective media development funding and donor support to journalism.

Articles on effective media development funding and donor support to journalism.

Case studies that demonstrate interesting, effective or innovative approaches to the design, measurement, evaluation, and learning, from media development and journalism support initiatives.

Evaluation and impact reports from a selection of media development and journalism support programmes.

Development and media development indicators.

Processes and documents that frame data, learning & knowledge sharing on media development and governance within Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Resources by topic

Literature is further broken down by topic analysing (among other themes): disinformation, sustanability and viability, media development effectiveness, AI, regulation, legislation & design of platforms.


Essential reading list on disinformation

Sustainability & viability

Key quotes from the literature review on media sustainability

“To maximise impact we need evidence on what works, for whom, why, and under what circumstances.” - OECD. Better Criteria for Better Evaluation. OECD/DAC Network on Development Evaluation

“…for many, sustainability has become a “buzzword”, an injunction to assess the likelihood that the effects of an intervention will continue after it is completed..” - Michael Leroy, 2021, Sustainability: Going Beyond the Buzzword. Research Reviews for Media Development Practitioners.

There is no common understanding about the definition of “viability”, which goes under several names, including “media sustainability”, “financial/ economic sustainability”, “business viability”, or “media resilience”. - PRIMED Viability Learning Brief by MDIF

Read about strategies for improving media viability and sustanability here.

Media development effectiveness

AI, regulation, legislation & design of platforms

These resource pages are a work in progress.

The resources are collected and curated by GFMD IMPACT staff with sumbissions from our members and partners and GFMD IMPACT regional coordinators. By February 2022, we have collected over 200 resources.

If you want to add relevant resource, report, or example of your work or you wish to let us know what is missing, please get in touch using this form.

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