GFMD IMPACT pool of consultants

Are you a researcher, analyst or an academic who works in media development field and would like to co-operate with GFMD IMPACT team? Please apply below

GFMD IMPACT consultants are engaged on an ad hoc basis to work with GFMD IMPACT team and produce summaries, relevant research, provide insights, knowledge and analysis to inform strategy, programme, project design, as well as implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of media development and journalism support initiatives.

The pool of consultants will work on building an evidence base to demonstrate the impact of media support, and gain insights into what works, what doesn't and what shows promise.

How does the GFMD IMPACT consultants pool work?

GFMD IMPACT created a database of consultants and reaches out to those consultants working in relevant fields with proposals to conduct research, compile literature review, produce briefs, analysis and summaries depending on the needs and in following occasions:

How to apply?

Please use this form to apply and send us your resume.

What do we ask/offer consultants to do

Consultants are asked/offered to perform one or more of the following tasks:

  1. Conduct research

  2. Prepare relevant literature reviews

  3. Conduct interviews as needed

  4. Present main practical findings from the research

  5. Present overview of approaches for a media development topic or a theme

  6. Prepare policy recommendations

  7. Prepare recommendations for media development and journalism support practitioners, academia, and donors and funders

  8. And other tasks based on requests GFMD IMPACT receives via Help Desk.

The themes are analysed taking into consideration:

  • application of different approaches in media development and journalism support programmes

  • effectiveness of media development and journalism support programmes

  • relevance of the research findings for media development and journalism support

  • the learning needs of media development organisations

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