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Research and reports about the effectiveness of thematic and topical support to journalism and media: migration, climate, human rights etc.

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The Ukraine crisis has led OECD DAC donor governments, particularly in Europe, to reprioritize their spending in three key ways:

  1. Support for Ukrainian refugees: Donors are providing humanitarian assistance and preparing to host refugees, leading to increased humanitarian spending and in-country refugee costs;

  2. Increased defense spending: Several governments have called for increased defense budgets in response to the invasion of Ukraine, which could impact the overall flexibility of some donor governments’ budgets, particularly considering the COVID-19 pandemic; and

  3. Preparation to support Ukraine’s reconstruction: EU leaders have announced the Solidarity Trust Fund to help finance Ukraine’s post-conflict reconstruction, which is expected to take hundreds of billions over several years.



Mapping media and migration activities 2010-2020

Charles Autheman has mapped 583 activities aimed at improving the media coverage of migration issues over the last decade carried out by international organizations, CSOs, journalist unions, universities and journalism schools.

As well as many other insights, the mapping tells some familiar stories about duplication of efforts and a lack of coordination and long-term thinking.

  • You can access the map with the data.

  • To contribute to research use this form: English, Français, Español

  • A similar map is being developed for 2021, including activities that have already happened or will happen before the end of the year.

A summary of the findings is available here.

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