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The GFMD IMPACT Help Desk uses a network of experts and resources brought together by the GFMD IMPACT team to respond in a timely fashion to requests from donors, practitioners and policymakers.

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Who uses the help desk and how?

Since it's establishment in early 2021, GFMD IMPACT has become a a trusted advisor and facilitator of policy processes, consultations, and joint initiatives.

April 2021 - Asked by USAID to provide inputs to their new policy documents and planning.

May 2021 - Responding to a request from the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC), GFMD IMPACT in partnership with the Centre for International Media Support, produced a two-page brief on ways MFC could work with members to improve media assistance, ODA data, and information sharing. Recommendations from the submission were used as a basis for an options paper presented by the UK FCDO to a meeting of the MFC in July 2021.

November 2021 - Responded to a request from the Google News Inititaive for information around best practices of measuring outcomes and impact in support to journalism and journalism organisations.

Nov. 2021 - The International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM) approached the GFMD IMPACT to conduct a survey of GFMD's members, partners, and other interested stakeholders to help inform the Fund’s priorities during its initial phase. This request followed a similar survey conducted by GFMD in 2019, which helped to shape the Fund’s establishment. Out of the 173 responses, 143 provided contact information, indicating willingness to participate in further discussion. A 26 page report was submitted to IFPIM in February 2022.

Feb. 2022 - Fondation Hirondelle approached GFMD IMPACT to consult regarding in-depth analysis of the situation in Lebanon and the opportunity for the organisation to address Lebanese media needs and conduct a feasibility study. GFMD provided information about the Lebanon joint coordination mechanism project, and shared resources, including:

Feb - March 2022 - Responding to requests from members, partners, and donors GFMD IMPACT is carrying out a numbers of activities to support media organisations and journalists in Ukraine and the wider region. These include:

  • Curating an extensive list of organizations providing emergency funding to journalists and media as well as crisis and emergency resources.

  • Hosting information-sharing meetings

  • Advising donors on how and where their emergency funding can be best allocated

  • Mapping out a list of organizations’ needs, capacities and competencies

  • Translating funding opportunities and resources into Ukrainian for Ukrainian media/journalists

  • Acting as a line of communication betwwen national level communication efforst and the international media support and donor community.

The coordinators from five regions (Latin America and the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, The Middle East and North Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus) work with the GFMD IMPACT team to collect relevant resources, experts, literature in the area of media development and journalism support in their respective regions.

The coordinators are helping the GFMD IMPACT team identify and coordinate the work of consultants with proven networking and engagement experience, academic, research or consultancy work in media development in the specific region.

Read more about regional coordinators here.

GFMD IMPACT regional coordinators

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