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Blacked out: Media freedom under the Taliban
"Recent results from a study by Afghan NGO Nai-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan (Nai SOMA) and DW Akademie show the extent of the Afghan media sector’s breakdown.
During the research period in early 2022, the two organizations conducted a multilingual online survey, as well as semi-struc- tured focus group discussions with media professionals from different provinces in Afghanistan. Nine exiled Afghan journal- ists were also interviewed. They had fled to countries in Asia, Europe, and North America after the Taliban seized power."
The full report is available here.

European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, Media Freedom Rapid Response

The full report is available here.
"In January 2022 alone, 18 attacks were verified; in February, the number of recorded cases initially fell. The continuing increase in the number of cases is additional proof of the thesis of the Feindbild Journalist studies that journalists are fundamentally at risk everywhere and at all times when publicly and recognisably carrying out their profession in Germany."
DW Akademie
Afghan media sector faces economic collapse
"Since August 2021, the Afghan media sector has faced a brutal clampdown by the new Taliban authorities. At least 50 journalists and media workers have been arbitrarily detained since the Taliban took power, as stated by Reporters Without Borders, and the International Federation of Journalists reported that at least seven journalists were killed within three months following the Taliban takeover.
Against the backdrop of a highly precarious situation for journalists, a severe economic crisis is unfolding within Afghan media houses, according to a survey on the current state of the media sector in Afghanistan conducted by DW Akademie and partner organizations."
Alongside the report on the collapse of the media sector in Afghanistan, DW Akademie organised, with Reporter ohne Grensen, a digital panel discussion.
This discussion, from the Media Freedom Talks series, "Journalism in Afghanistan six months after the fall of Kabul," addressed the situation of media freedom in Afghanistan and focused on the following questions:
Taliban restricted media coverage? What does this mean for the population's ability to obtain independent information? What are the prospects for Afghan media professionals living in exile?