Other Summit for Democracy Events

In addition to the media viability sessions at the Hague, a number of other events - on media freedom, disinformation, gender and civil society, among other themes -- are being organised around the Second Summit for Democracy.


What: Panel Discussion

Organisers: High Level Panel of Legal Experts on Media Freedom, Georgetown Law’s Human Rights Institute

When: 17.00 - 18.00 EDT, March 28th

Where: Georgetown University Law Centre (hybrid)

Registration: Eventbright

The High Level Panel will speak to some of their recommendations to the Media Freedom Coalition of States, as well as some of the new challenges that lie ahead including in:

  • The abuse of surveillance technology, as deployed against journalists and human rights defenders.

  • The provision of Safe Refuge for Journalists at Risk and the Panel’s Emergency Visa Mechanism.

  • The establishment of a multilateral mechanism to support independent investigations into the killing and abuse of journalists globally.

Official Summit for Democracy events

A preliminary agenda for the official events taking place at the Second Summit for Democracy is available on the website of the US Department of State as well as that of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There are a wide range of events taking place around the Summit for Democracy that are not part of the official program. Accountability Lab has created an unofficial website for civil society interested in expanding on the topics of the Summit. Additionally, the Global Democracy Coalition is convening a Partners Day on March 27 to organize civil society and other non-governmental events.

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