National Journalism Funds (July 2023)

GFMD IMPACT consultation on national funds to support journalism and public interest media.

Event: “State of the field - National Journalism Funds”

When: 5 July 2023

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 CEST

Where: Online

Registration link:

Introduction (15:00 - 15:05)

Mira Milosevic, Executive Director, Global Forum for Media Development

Sameer Padania, Director, Macroscope

Session 1: Examples of funds that were set in the past-lessons learned and new, upcoming funds (15:05-15:25)

Speakers/case studies:

Session 2: National Journalism Funds - a tool for assisting public interest media - opportunities and challenges (15:35-15:55)

Q&A (15:25-15:35)

Speakers/case studies:

  • Verónica Longo, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina

  • Kamanzi Dustan, Director, Tanzania Media Fundation

  • Franz Kruger, Research associate from Wits University, Johannesbu

Q&A (15:55-16:05)

Discussion and recommendations (16:05-16:30)


A National Fund for Journalism (NFJ) is a dedicated structure that is designed with a strategic sectoral purpose to provide long-term funding to an independent journalism ecosystem in a particular country, region or place. It can take different forms, but in essence is designed to redress shortcomings, barriers or imbalances in a particular media market, or to incentivise, catalyse or accelerate new entrants or transformative processes in that market.

Literature review and case studies

For a literature review and case studies including Tanzania, Siera Leone, Armenia, Argentina and other past, current and upcoming funds please see this page.

pageLit' review & case studies

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