3. Impacting production and distribution mechanisms

"How to impact production and distribution mechanisms of disinformation" will be the focus of a future GFMD IMPACT donor-practitioner-academic meeting.

Disinformation responses that impact production and distribution mechanisms will be addressed at a future GFMD IMPACT meeting.

The following descriptions of responses are taken from a presentation prepared for the meeting by Kalina Bontcheva - based on Balancing Act: Countering Digital Disinformation While Respecting Freedom of Expression - 2020.

Curatorial responses

Address primarily editorial and content policy and ‘community standards’, although some can also have a technological dimension, which will be cross-referenced accordingly.

Technical/algorithmic responses

Use algorithms and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect and limit the spread of disinformation. Examples: algorithms on the social platforms or video-sharing and search engines themselves; third party tools (e.g. browser plugins), experimental academic research.

Demonetisation responses

Designed to stop monetisation and profit from disinformation and thus, disincentivise the creation of clickbait, counterfeit news sites, and other kinds of for-profit disinformation.

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