Consultations on media viability - Lebanon, Tunisia and Namibia (Oct. '22 - Feb. '23)

GFMD IMPACT joins forces with UNESCO to help build momentum at country level to promote media viability.
GFMD IMPACT and UNESCO will hold national consultations on media viability/sustainability in Lebanon, Tunisia and Namibia between October 2022 until February 2023.

Aims of the meetings:

Identify key problems faced by the national media sector and draft national policy recommendations with which to address them – in sum, explore ways to build an environment in which journalists and independent media organisations can thrive over the long term.
Draft policy recommendations and identify national mechanisms to address viability.
Assess the relevance of recommendations in the international policy briefs produced by UNESCO and other partners at national level. (see Background and literature review)

Partners and stakeholders

GFMD IMPACT, UNESCO and local partners will invite local stakeholders, donors, representatives of national Governments/parliaments, and identified national policy drivers.
The stakeholders are expected to include parliamentarians, representatives of government (including economics-related ministries), communications regulators, representives of the media and advertising industries, and academia.

Background and literature review

The consultations are in line with recent international policy discussions around media viability.
The following documents will provide the background on the idea behind the consultations:

Regional and local resources on media viability