Positive examples

Tailor-made, longer term support (5 year support in one instance) has enabled strategic development of some media outlets present at the meeting, although they did not yet reach full market sustainability.

Media development programmes relaying on local expertise (in terms of planning and implementation) are seen in general as more successful and efficient than those that are planned as part of the global or regional efforts, and implemented by agencies. They are also less expensive, while their effects are more permanent and reach beyond the project cycle.

Mentoring of small emerging local media provided by more established local media was also mentioned as a good example. These trainers understand the local context and do not leave after a few months, in comparison to foreign consultants.

COVID-19 support where the process was administratively simplified (even enabling applications in local language) and implemented as rapid and targeted support was recognized as a good model for emergency funding.

In situations where direct media development funding programmes were terminated, some local donors found alternative flexible approaches to include media in governance programmes and broader democracy programmes, so the vital support for media still continued.

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