Building digital competences

More efforts should be invested in building digital competences

In Serbia, this is a rare field where there is no political tension with the state; there is space for media to engage with state institutions to discuss digital policy affecting media.

Still, in order to be able to set the agenda, media representatives should make additional efforts in building their own digital competences. Additionally, they have to make sure that their voice is heard in global debates.

“In fact, we have to address some global players, global companies and there is very important positions of donors and you, who sit on international forums, you have to open the door for our little markets in languages other than English. We have to make an effort to appear in those debates, to see us and hear our problems.” -Local media representative.

Participants agreed that Internet governance and the upcoming European regulatory efforts have many unexpected consequences for media as well. They called for including media approaches to Internet policies and governance.

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