PRIMED (Feb. - Mar. 2024)

Series of three workshops dedicated to sharing learning and knowledge gathered through the PRIMED
A series of three workshops (February-March 2024) are dedicated to sharing learning and knowledge gathered through the PRIMED (Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development) programme, which since 2020 has supported public interest media in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. Among its aims, the PRIMED programme seeks to inform future media development, policy and practice, with a strong focus on learning.
Background: The programme Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development, PRIMED, was designed to support the provision of public interest media content in three very different media environments (Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone,) and use the opportunity to create and share learnings that could contribute to a more impactful and targeted global approach to media support.
A three-year programme that ran from late 2020, PRIMED was implemented by a consortium of media support organisations with expertise in different aspects of media and development. These were BBC Media Action (consortium lead), Free Press Unlimited (FPU), International Media Support (IMS) and Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), with further contributions from Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), and The Communication Initiative (CI).
PRIMED sought to address the challenges to public interest media at both outlet and environment level, working with selected media outlets to increase resilience to political and economic pressures while also supporting the development of information ecosystems that enable a better flow of trusted public interest media content, with gender equality and inclusion integrated across the programme.
To create and share learning about effective media support in different contexts, PRIMED also used the insights and data gained during its implementation phase to prepare this series of learning briefs.
These attempt to answer key questions in relation to independent media and media support:
  • The financial viability of media organisations (led by MDIF)
  • The effectiveness of public subsidies to public interest media (led by BBC Media Action)
  • Improving gender equality in media workplaces, content and audiences (led by FPU)
  • The role of local coalitions in strengthening media ecosystems (led by IMS)
At the end of the three-year initiative, PRIMED consortium partners aim to share key learnings from the programme with the broader community.

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To learn more about PRIMED, please visit GFMD's dedicated resource centre