National Funds (July 2023)

GFMD IMPACT consultation on national funds to support journalism and public interest media.

Discussion paper

Based on recent research, and consultations, GFMD IMPACT has produced a discussion paper on National journalism funds. It builds on recent research and consultations undertaken by GFMD IMPACT which show that, in a wide range of places, different actors are exploring or actively advocating for NFJs as a key pillar in the use of public and private funds to respond to the widely acknowledged financial crisis faced by independent public interest media.
A National Fund for Journalism (NFJ) is a dedicated structure that is designed with a strategic sectoral purpose to provide long-term funding to an independent journalism ecosystem in a particular country, region or place. It can take different forms, but in essence is designed to redress shortcomings, barriers or imbalances in a particular media market, or to incentivise, catalyse or accelerate new entrants or transformative processes in that market.
READ AND COMMENT ON THE DISCUSSION PAPER - The discussion paper will remain open for suggestions until end of August. The findings and recommendations will be presented at a number of fora to inform the creation, development, and design of planned, ongoing and future national journalism funds. ADD MORE CASE STUDIES AND LITERATURE TO OUR EVOLVING MAPPING OF NATIONAL JOURNALISM FUNDS
The discussion paper was produced for GFMD IMPACT by Macroscope’s Sameer Padania and Francesca Silvani.

Event: “State of the field - National Journalism Funds”

When: 5 July 2023
Time: 15:00 - 16:30 CEST
Where: Online

Introduction (15:00 - 15:05)

Mira Milosevic, Executive Director, Global Forum for Media Development
Sameer Padania, Director, Macroscope

Session 1: Examples of funds that were set in the past-lessons learned and new, upcoming funds (15:05-15:25)

Speakers/case studies:
  • Verónica Longo, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina
  • Kamanzi Dustan, Director, Tanzania Media Fundation
  • Franz Kruger, Research associate from Wits University, Johannesburg

Q&A (15:25-15:35)

Session 2: National Journalism Funds - a tool for assisting public interest media - opportunities and challenges (15:35-15:55)

Speakers/case studies:

Q&A (15:55-16:05)

Discussion and recommendations (16:05-16:30)


Literature review and case studies

For a literature review and case studies including Tanzania, Siera Leone, Armenia, Argentina and other past, current and upcoming funds please see this page.