Feedback from GFMD IMPACT's June 2021 donor-practitioner-academic learning and information sharing meeting on disinformation.

Overall event feedback

Keep up your excellent work!

Many thanks for another really useful GFMD Impact meeting. I found the pre-meeting videos particularly useful; a great way to present background information. (via email)

100% quality and effectiveness of the meeting moderators = good/excellent.

86% quality and effectiveness of the speakers, chairs & rapporteurs = good/excellent.

100% relevance of themes and topics discussed = good/excellent.

86% thought the length of the meeting was "just right".

Breakout groups

Follow up meeting

100% would you like to attend a longer follow-up meeting on the topic of the breakout group that they attended.


72% breakout group length was just right

29% breakout groups were too short

Topics and speakers for future meetings?

Presentations of different media literacy approaches and evaluation of media literacy approaches. Susan Abbot was great!

Tackling mis/disinformation.

Continue to discuss disinformation - community of practice and collaborative approaches to respond to this challenge.

Fostering dialogue in society.

Dealing with big tech, policy solutions to disinformation

Strategic questions like how media changes affect media development field in general and donors' policies.

How to improve GFMD IMPACT meeting

Longer breakouts, less inputs, more focused discussion

Keynote speech could be followed by more discussion time.

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