Disinformation - Regulation, legislation & policy (2022)
Upcoming event.
Date: 2022
This follow-up on June’s meeting on disinformation will bring together donors, academics and practitioners to discuss the role of media development actors in internet governance and the regulation, legislation and policy responses to disinformation.
In particular, we are looking for country case studies of where national (Civil Society Organisations, journalism associations, and others) and international actors (media development organisations, press freedom and human rights groups, international development agencies and others) are attempting to influence policies, regulation, legislation on hate speech disinformation.
The meeting will consider:
How can international actors best increase the capacity of national actors to make effective interventions?
What strategies and tactics work in different circumstances?
We want to hear from you!
What other questions should be considered?
What resources should be included in the literature review that we are preparing for the meeting?
If you have any ideas or thoughts, please get in touch!

Literature review

Academic studies & papers

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