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Concept note (2022)

The original version of this draft concept note was shared for comments and suggestions ahead of a GFMD/CIMA seminar on 7 December 2021. The seminar was part of the Global Democracy Coalition Forum, which provided recommendations to the Summit for Democracy. Based on feedback received from various stakeholders the concept note before, during and after the seminar, an updated version was published on 4 January 2022. The draft was updated again in February 2022 based on feedback from the CIMA/GFMD session at the Global Conference for Media Freedom on 9 February in Tallinn, Estonia.


Nota conceptual - Desarrollar principios para el apoyo efectivo al periodismo y los medios de comunicación

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Building on prior efforts

The development of the principles for effective and relevant support to media and the information environment builds upon a variety of prior efforts. These include:

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which recognises the importance of public access to information, fundamental freedoms and the safety of journalists for the creation of peaceful, just and inclusive societies, under Goal 16, Target 10.

Declarations such as the Windhoek+30 Declaration on Information as a Public Good adopted by UNESCO member states on 18 November 2021.

Existing strategies and guidelines developed by bi-lateral donors and private philanthropies for their support to independent media.

Codes of conduct, ethical guidelines, and do-no-harm principles developed by media support groups for funders of content.

Indicators: Initiatives to systematically assess and monitor the situation of the media sector and media professionals, such as UNESCO's established Media Development Indicators (2008) and DW Akademie's more recent Media Viability Indicators (2020).

Various initiatives to collect existing learning and best practices in the field, including the International Media Policy and Advisory Centre run by the Global Forum for Media Development - GFMD IMPACT.

For further literature used by CIMA and the GFMD IMPACT help desk to identify the general principles and guidelines for effective support, see:

MediaDev effectiveness: academic studies and papers, research and reports, policy briefs, working papers and primers, articles.

Ethics and independence: academic studies and papers, research and reports, articles.

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